Chinese people

A Uyghur woman baking nan (flatbread) in a brush-fired stone oven. Note how the individual breads are stuck to the vertical wall of the oven.

These people live in a forest preserve in Hunan province. The man is employed as a forester. This house is one of three in an isolated cluster owned by the extended family group.

An older Uyghur Muslim farmer in a small oasis village in north-western China.

He enjoyed telling stories and was greatly amused by a foreign guest in a neighbor's house.

A young Uyghur farmer.

Another Uyghur farmer.

A widow in the same village.

These men are Hui muslims, defined as a minority but often genetically similar to Han Chinese.

An old Hui man at a bus stop.

A university student in Beijing.

A professor in Beijing, back from a Fourth of July party at the American embassy.

Young nursing students at a street public health fair in Baise, Guangxi.