Chinese transportation

Central Xinjiang: A small road on the desert plateau. The truck is carrying local people on their way to visit a small park below an irrigation dam.

A common river barge hauling sand on the Changjiang near Nanjing.

Another shot of small passenger boats at Jiangkou. These boats carry goods and passengers to and from the market towns.

A common sight: big truck hauling small trucks. Freight hauling is maxed out in China. This rig would be considered over-length, over-width, and overweight by U.S. standards.

Another common sight: Modern overhead highways can now be seen in cities throughout China, including the "undeveloped" west.

A donkey cart near a Uyghur village in Xinjiang. The design of the cart is traditional, but it has been updated with pneumatic tires and other modern materials

A small utility skiff under construction in western Hunan Province. The people who own boats like this are often delighted to take tourists on river excursions when they aren't busy with other activities.

This is the symbol (shown here at the top of a schedule sheet) by which it's possible to spot railroad offices throughout China.